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Archie McKerrell · Quantum-Touch

Quantum-Touch® is an energy-healing technique that stimulates the body’s healing processes and creates a rapid healing response.

When I was growing up my parents preferred to consult a naturopathic doctor over any problems so it was natural for me to become interested in alternative healing.  Decades later I heard Richard Gordon talk in a webinar about Quantum-Touch as a healing method which was both effective and simple to learn and practise.  I felt that this was the sort of healing method I had always thought should exist.

I attended Quantum-Touch workshops at basic and advanced levels and began practising, at first with friends and friends of friends, before offering my services more publicly.

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Archie McKerrell - Quantum Touch

Archie McKerrell

Every time I apply Quantum-Touch, I am in awe of the results. It's amazing how quickly the pain in my patients is resolved in just a few minutes.

Roberta Horoho

FNP, Physician Assistant

What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch® is an energy-healing technique that stimulates the body’s healing processes and creates a rapid healing response.

There is no physical manipulation in Quantum-Touch. Only the lightest, most gentle touch is used. In fact, in spite of the name, it turns out that actual physical touch is not required at all!

Your body has the unfathomable power to heal itself. You do not have to instruct your body how to heal a cut; it has the innate ability to do so. Quantum-Touch simply provides a powerful field of natural healing energy that your body entrains to and can draw upon to accelerate its healing. Quantum-Touch does not claim to diagnose, treat or heal specific conditions. Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum-Touch helps to accelerate that process.

Areas in which Quantum-Touch has been found helpful include sports injuries, back pain, and headaches, and also emotional problems.

Many people report that after a Quantum-Touch session any sense of overwhelm has disappeared, any tension in the body has gone, and they feel very relaxed.

In the present circumstances, while face-to-face sessions are not an option, I am offering Quantum-Touch sessions using Skype at the reduced rate of £15. The first session will still be FREE.

Quantum-Touch in Liverpool

Archie McKerrell

I have recently acquired a Quantum-Touch pendant which can be used in healing. I have written about this in a blog post, based on Richard Gordon’s book, “The Secret Nature of Matter”.


Peter S.

A gentle experience of healing calm with Archie.
I found myself relaxing fully through Archie’s gentle presence, clear explanations and quietly leading me through his series of energy focuses. I felt enabled to let my energies within bring calming and relaxation. I can visit my back pain and feel it reduce and send it away mentally and emotionally. I feel Archie let me reconnect with my spirituality beyond myself. 3 days on, I feel calmer less troubled both over my reducing back pain and my personal anxiety. Archie’s session is helping me to reconnect with my better inner self and body’s health and well-being.
Briefly, he appropriately and gently touched my hips, backbone and skull: fully explaining his touch before this brief laying on of hands. This then enabled my use of my hands towards my healing.
Archie’s personal gentleness is in harmony, I feel, with this natural resting therapy and I am happy to recommend this peaceful experience with Archie.

Bernadette J.

Not sure what Archie did, but he worked wonders. Just nipped to the local shop and noticed that I was walking with ease at a normal pace. Recently I have been slow with my kids telling me I have been waddling.

Esteban T.

Quite a long time ago, I attended a course of energy channelling, that I suppose is similar to this Quantum Touch technique. I acknowledge that the energy, though we do not see it, plays an important role in our lives. So I met Archie with good expectations.
When Archie did the session for me, I had some pain on my back, and also on my knees. And it worked! After it, my back was feeling much better, and no pain at all in my knees. Thanks a lot Archie.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 151 428 7384

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